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Is It Time to Replace Your Oil or Gas Water Heater?

In Pennsylvania, homeowners know that using high-efficiency HVAC equipment is a must to stay comfortable and save money all year long. But we’re not only talking about your oil boiler, gas furnace, or central air conditioning system. From below-freezing temps to sticky summer weather, your water heater is working hard to supply the hot water […]

3 Things You Need to Know About Automatic Delivery

When it comes to staying warm this winter, we know that cost and convenience play a major role in how you choose to heat your Pennsylvania home. If you use heating oil or propane, you probably have already heard all about the high-value perks that automatic delivery brings to the table. But do you really […]

Year-Round Benefits of Choosing a Full-Service Provider

2018 is on its way and cold temperatures are here to stay. We understand that keeping your family warm affordably is on the top of your mind. This year, entrust your home comfort to an energy company that can deliver the competitively priced fuel you need and so much more throughout the seasons. It’s not […]

Signs It Is Time to Upgrade Your Heating System

During the winter months we count on our heating equipment to keep our homes warm, but did you know that your boiler or furnace also affects your household spending and family’s safety? Lower heating costs, improved efficiency, and greater value are just a few of the benefits high-efficiency heating systems bring to the table. Over […]

Propane Safety Tips You Need to Know

PA homeowners that stay comfortable with propane choose this energy option for its longstanding history of efficiency, affordability, and safety. You can count on propane to fuel your heating system, power your stove top, and so much more. To keep your home safe from season to season, it is critical that you follow these industry-approved […]

Fall Energy-Saving Tips for Homeowners

Autumn has arrived! While we enjoyed September’s showing of last-minute summer weather, we know that winter will be here soon enough. Get your home ready for winter now to stay comfortable and save money when temperatures really start to drop. Ways to Save This Season 1. Open the Curtains Open your south-facing curtains during daylight […]

Plan Ahead for Fall: Schedule Your Heating System Tune-Up

Labor Day is just around the corner, which means it’s time to start thinking about the upcoming heating season. Skip the stress of last-minute service calls and schedule your annual heating system tune-up today. With one quick call, you can knock a big “must” off of your autumn to-do list and spend the last days […]

E-Billing: The Perks of Going Paperless

When it comes to managing your home comfort, simple is always better. That is why many local energy providers, like Eshenaurs, are now offering homeowners an e-billing option. Handling your annual energy costs online streamlines the record process, creating a one-stop shop for payments, service summaries, and delivery scheduling. Pennsylvania homeowners that register for e-billing […]

Propane Fuels Summer Fun

Summer is in full swing here in Pennsylvania! Homeowners across the state are fueling up their grills for Fourth of July Weekend, but did you know that propane powers a wide range of appliances that can upgrade your outdoor living space? Make your backyard the place to be this summer with amenities fueled by propane. […]

Stay Cool All Summer Long

Now that spring has arrived here in Pennsylvania, it’s time to prepare for those sweltering summer days ahead. Get ahead of the game and install your energy efficient cooling system now to enjoy ultimate comfort and serious savings all season. Which A/C System Is Right For You? Choosing the right cooling system for your living […]

How High-Efficiency Heating & Cooling Helps You Save

Heating and cooling costs can really add up for homeowners in four-season climates like we have here in the Harrisburg, PA, area. For most of us, cutting down on energy costs without sacrificing home comfort is the goal—especially in peak summer and winter months. What’s one surefire way to do it? Equip your home with […]

12 Home Appliances That Can Run on Propane

The heating season is winding down, and we’re all looking forward to warmer weather on the horizon. If you heat your home with propane, don’t worry about using up the rest of your supply while it’s still chilly out. You can use this one versatile fuel to power all types of home appliances throughout the […]

How to Find a Reliable Plumber

When you run into a plumbing issue and need assistance fast, do you know exactly who to call? If you live in the Harrisburg, PA, area and need a local plumber you can depend on, we’re here to help. Take a look at this guide for finding the right plumber before you need emergency service. […]

Service You Can Count On

Winter weather is here, and keeping your home warm affordably is top of mind. This year, make sure you choose a local energy company that can deliver the competitively priced fuel you need during the colder months and so much more throughout the seasons. It’s not every fuel delivery company that offers HVAC service you […]

Updating Your Heating Equipment: Repair or Replace?

If you’ve noticed your oil or gas heating equipment using more and more fuel each year to heat your home sufficiently, it’s time for an update. This can mean installing a brand new system or fixing a component or two to improve operation. Either way, make sure you work with a trusted HVAC professional to get […]

Protecting Your Heating Equipment with Ease

Want to be worry-free this winter when it comes to the equipment that heats your home? All it takes is one call to your local, dependable home energy provider. At Eshenaurs, we offer Maintenance Plans for oil, propane, and natural gas heating systems. Each includes your annual tune-up, 24/7 emergency or priority service, varying levels […]

What You Need to Know about Emergency Generators

We take for granted that the refrigerator keeps food cold, the furnace keeps the house warm, and flipping a switch makes the lights turn on. That is, until a power outage causes these everyday conveniences to immediately stop. Never feel powerless again. When there is no power, we have the solution standing by with a […]