5 Ways to Shrink Your Risk of a Heat-Loss Emergency in PA

Nobody likes to be left out in the cold, especially not in their own home during the mid-heating season in Pennsylvania! While you’re gearing up for winter storms and colder temperatures to roll in, don’t take a chance on your home heating not being in peak condition for the weather conditions. Keep reading to learn some of Eshenaur’s best heating oil and propane home fueling tips to help ensure you don’t run out of fuel in your home this winter. If you need assistance completing any of these suggestions, contact our team at Eshenaur today! We have you and your propane services and delivery covered!

How to Avoid a No-Heat Situation This Winter

When it comes to keeping your Cental Pennsylvania home protected from the cold this winter, Eshenaur has you covered. We’re here to make sure you are prepared with these top 5 fuel tips to help avoid a no-heat situation this winter heating season. Follow these steps to ensure that you have the propane fuel you need to keep warm:

Routinely check your propane tank gauge

Be sure to check your tank gauge regularly, so you know when you’re starting to run low. Please remember to account for delivery scheduling by ordering fuel when your propane tank reaches about 1/3 or your heating oil tank reaches 1/4, and always remember you can request oil or propane fuel delivery easily on our website!

Shovel a path to your tank or fill pipe if it snows

You can help our delivery drivers stay safe by keeping your driveway, outdoor fuel tank, or fill pipe clear of snow, ice, and debris when the weather cools down. A clear path will ensure your residential propane and heating oil deliveries can make it to you safely and on time. Thank you for your assistance!

Watch the forecast

If you know winter weather is coming, check your propane or heating oil storage tank to make sure you’ll have enough fuel to get you through the storm. Nothing is quite as stressful as wondering if your home heater or appliances will continue to stay on during icy winds.

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Install a propane tank monitor

To better ensure you won’t run out of propane fuel in Central PA this winter, you can request a propane tank monitor to attach to your propane storage tank from us at Eshenaur. This device helps you check and monitor your propane fuel levels and usage from your smartphone, reducing the need to inspect the gauge on your tank. The app can alert you when you’re due for a refill so you can worry less about having a no-heat emergency.

Enroll in Automatic Oil or Propane Delivery

Significantly reduce your risk of a heating-loss emergency by enrolling in heating oil or propane automatic delivery services through us! Auto delivery is available at no additional charge and predicts your fuel usage levels by calculating the amount of propane or oil that you will use according to weather, house size, number of people, and energy preferences to accurately determine when you will need your next delivery. Once your tank drops to a predetermined level, we automatically schedule your next delivery!

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Mark red emergency switches in your basement

Red emergency switches can typically be found near your heating system; they look almost identical to light switches. It’s easy for these to get switched off in the dark, resulting in your heating system not working until they are turned back on. Cover these switches with a piece of tape to avoid an avoidable no-heat emergency.

Eshenaur is Here for You and Your Family with Affordable Propane  and Heating Oil Delivery

Kick back, relax, and remember that as a Eshenaur customer, you’re always protected. We guarantee on-time propane or heating oil delivery to help keep you safe and warm no matter how low the temperatures drop. If you’re a new customer, register with us to create an account and get started on achieving your home comfort goals with expert heating, air conditioning, and plumbing services from Eshenaurs customer.