Spring 2019


Dear Valued Customer,

We’ve successfully navigated another Pennsylvania winter, and we’re pleased that warm weather is right around the corner. As each year slips away, we are proud to offer and install the newest high-efficiency heating and cooling equipment, which allows us to take strides toward a more sustainable future.

This includes offering clean-burning propane fuel, installing energy-efficient heating and cooling systems, and providing geothermal equipment to save you money and keep the air clean throughout our community.

We look forward to making even more ecological advancements in 2019. Thank you for being our customer! We look forward to continuing to provide you with Pennsylvania’s best home comfort services for years to come.


Craig Eshenaur

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Oil Tank Tips

Having Your Oil Tank Removed?

Ensure your fill pipe and vent pipes are marked or removed. Pennsylvania homeowners have their oil tanks removed for a variety of reasons, including upgrades, replacements, and fuel transitions. If you’re considering removing your oil tank, don’t forget to have your fill pipe and vent pipe removed as well. Otherwise, a miscommunication could result in oil being delivered to your basement floor! Always mark or remove oil fill and vent pipes that are no longer needed.


Emergency Generators

Spring is here, and with it comes thunderstorms and unpredictable weather. Protect your family and home this season by having an emergency backup generator installed.

Automatic power in case of an outage
Electricity is restored, keeping your family safe
Important appliances are powered, protecting your investments

Did You Know?


Propane does not damage property, even in the case of a leak
Nearly 90% of propane sold in the USA is produced domestically
An odorant is added to propane to help homeowners with leak detection
This versatile fuel choice provides power for home heating, dryers, stoves, and more
Many modern propane systems have an efficiency rating upwards of 95%


More Spring Savings!

Efficiency A/C Tune-Up

Your air conditioner has been off duty since last fall. It’s time to wake it back up gently with an A/C tune-up, designed to boost its energy efficiency and help it run smoothly all year.

Tune-Up Benefits:

• Prolong Equipment Life

• Boost Energy Efficiency

Spring Plumbing Promotion

Has your water heater seen better days? If it’s not working as well as it used to, contact Eshenaurs for a high-efficiency upgrade! Plus, you’ll save $50 when you use our spring promo. Expires 6/15/19.