Heating Oil Delivery

Eshenaurs has been supplying Harrisburg, PA, with quality heating (fuel) oil since before the Great Depression. When we provide your heating oil, you can rest easy knowing that we deliver clean, pure heating oil. With our own dedicated fleet of delivery drivers, you know that you can trust the quality.

Decide the best heating oil delivery plan for you.

Automatic delivery is a free service that takes into account the amount of heating oil that you will use according to weather, house size, number of people, and heating preferences to predict when you will need your next delivery. Once your oil tank drops to a predetermined level, we automatically schedule your next delivery!

Will-call delivery puts the expectation on you to monitor the oil level in your tank and to call us to schedule your next delivery. If you prefer a will-call method, please keep in mind that you should order in advance for heating oil deliveries.

Heating oil is one of the most trusted heating fuels in the Northeast, serving over 6.5 million homes in the region. With technological advances, improved efficiencies, and cleaner blended fuels, fuel oil is an environmentally-friendly option that can save you money on energy costs now and in the long run.

Benefits of Heating Oil

  • New technology allows heating systems up to 95% efficiencies
  • Greenhouse gases have decreased 33% in four decades from heating oil incentives
  • Non-explosive and non-toxic
  • You can store it inside or out, aboveground or underground
  • Increase your system efficiency by nearly 30% with a new heating system

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Heating Oil Delivery

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