Propane Tank Monitors for Central Pennsylvania Residents

Eshenaurs is pleased to offer convenient tank monitoring to Pennsylvania customers that use our will-call propane delivery service. There’s no longer a constant need to go outside to your propane tank to check your fuel level. That’s right—we’ve found an easier way! We offer propane tank monitors, small devices that sit on your tank and transmit your remaining fuel level to your smartphone or any other Internet-capable device (like a computer or tablet).

You can even set customized tank level alerts and order a propane refill through the app when you start to get low. Contact us today to get your monitor, and skip the weekly trek outside to your fuel tank from now on!


How Does Propane Tank Monitoring Work?

Our Otodata tank monitors come with total convenience when it comes to keeping track of your fuel. It uses proven technology to effectively track your fuel usage and tank levels, transmitting the data directly to your smartphone. Instead of checking your tank gauge manually, the tank monitor is synced to Internet-connected devices to deliver customized alerts when it is time to schedule your next fuel delivery.


Benefits of Residential Tank Monitors

Our tank monitors are leased without a rental fee on Eshenaur-owned propane tanks. We’ll be installing these for customers who use pool heaters, generators, heat pumps, and anything else that can cause an unpredictable fuel usage rate. Plus, setup is easy—once your monitor is installed, we’ll send you a link with an activation code.

Use your tank monitor to:

  • Significantly reduce your risk of a runout
  • Simplify your fuel monitoring routine
  • Check your fuel levels from anywhere
  • Request propane tank refills in just a few clicks