Commercial Sheet Metal

If you need metalwork for your commercial business, look no further than Eshenaurs. We have been providing skilled professional work throughout the Harrisburg, PA area in order to bring businesses the products and services they need to keep moving. We specialize in varying shapes and complexities to help businesses in every industry.

Custom Metal Fabrication in Central Pennsylvania

Eshenaurs can create custom structures and pieces for your commercial projects through our metal fabrication department. Our specialties include all types of metalwork, including cutting, forming, rolling, welding, and more. Our metal fabrication specialists use raw materials to develop custom pieces that are designed to your exact specifications. Metal structures we can create include:

  • Piping systems
  • Structural framework
  • Stairs
  • Hand railings
  • And more

Professional Sheet Metalwork & Fabrication by Experts

Commercial sheet metal and fabrication work is not a service that every commercial fuel and HVAC service provider can offer. Because Eshenaurs has its own sheet metal department, we are truly a one-stop shop for our commercial energy customers. We can handle the metalwork, framework, and welding services that your commercial business needs to keep your facility running safely and smoothly. We employ a team of highly trained and skilled craftsmen that are committed to delivering a final product that you are 100% satisfied with.

Wondering If We’re Right for You?

If you need sheet metal work done for your business, contact Eshenaurs. We would love to go through your projects to find the most cost-effective, all-encompassing design for your company. Learn more with us today.



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