Pricing Plans

Don’t let winter heating bills get you down. Eshenaurs offers pricing plans to all of our Central PA customers. Rather than having your energy bills hit all at once in the two or three months that are coldest, pick one of our plans to help you manage your bills and find a more effective, worry-free way to provide warmth and comfort all year round.

Budget Plan

Spread out your fuel payments evenly throughout the year with a budget plan from Eshenaurs. Winter in Pennsylvania is some of the harshest in the country which brings correspondingly harsh winter energy bills. Instead of paying for the majority of your winter heating in two or three months, choose to evenly distribute payment throughout the year.

How It Works:

  • We estimate the amount of fuel that your home will use throughout the year based on previous years’ usage, predicted weather, and home preferences.
  • We take the total amount of fuel, divide it by 11 months, and this new number is your monthly fuel payment for the year.

To make this plan even better for you, we let you choose if you’d rather be a will-call or automatic delivery customer. You choose the method of delivery that suits your family best so you are ensured optimum comfort and stress-free care.

Ready Reserve: a Pre-Buy Option

Save hundreds of dollars every year on your fuel costs with the Eshenaurs Ready Reserve program. Rather than taking a gamble on winter fuel rates that almost always go up during the peak winter months, you potentially save hundreds of dollars by purchasing your fuel during the off season. These lower rates save you money and ensure that you have your guaranteed fuel supply all winter.

No price hikes, no surprises.

How It Works:

  • We estimate your anticipated annual fuel usage based on previous years’ usage, weather conditions, and home preferences.
  • We find the lowest price from our suppliers and order the number of estimated gallons your home needs. This price is generally 5¢–10¢ less than traditional on-demand delivery prices.
  • To guarantee our low rates, you pay for all of your fuel up front while we store your fuel for you for the entire heating season.

This program runs from August 15th to May 31st. Get the best value for your dollar this winter and enroll in an Eshenaurs Ready Reserve program today!

Price Cap Plan

There is no losing out with this plan. When you enroll in the Price Cap Plan, you will never pay more than the predetermined price per gallon.

How It Works:

  1. When enrolling, you sign up to receive your fuel for a predetermined price per gallon. You are guaranteed not to pay a higher price per gallon all winter long.
  2. If the price of heating oil per gallon drops below your predetermined price, you pay the LOWER PRICE—the market price of heating oil.
  3. If the price of your fuel per gallon goes above your predetermined price, you CONTINUE to pay the previously agreed upon price per gallon.
  4. You never pay over the capped price.

Additionally, you can enjoy our automatic payment program. This is a recurring billing option that uses your debit or credit card for automatic payment. This takes the stress out of worry when and where to pay, so you can enjoy stress-free heating this winter.

We make this program even better, though. When you enroll in our Price Cap Plan, you also are enrolled in FREE automatic delivery! Never worry about checking your fuel levels again.

Eshenaurs ensures your family enjoys stress-free, worry-free comfort all year round.

Additional Information:

  • The Eshenaurs Price Cap Plan is currently only available for heating oil customers.
  • Plan runs from August 1st to April 30th each year.
  • Program fee applies and is subject to change annually. Contact us for details.

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