Indoor Air Quality Control for Pennsylvania Homeowners and Residents

Indoor air quality equipment is a must when it comes to living in the Greater Harrisburg, PA area. During the spring and summer, allergies are aggravated by pollen and other microscopic particles. But during the fall and winter, the cold season sets in and viruses are easily transferred through everyday interactions. The good news is there’s a simple way to take control of these common issues.

If you could provide your family with cleaner, safer, healthier air to breathe, wouldn’t you do it? Eshenaurs offers affordable indoor air quality equipment that will give your family the clean air it deserves, filtering out bacteria, increasing your home comfort, and raising the value of your property.


Indoor Air Quality Installations We Provide:


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Whole-House In-Duct Air Purifiers

If your home utilizes ductwork for a furnace or central A/C, an in-duct air purifier system is perfect for your home! This unit fits into your ductwork, providing quiet and invisible treatment of the air that’s flowing throughout your home. Request an installation today!


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Whole-House Air Filtration Systems

If you don’t have ductwork, we can still provide a high-efficiency air filtration system for your PA home. Simply contact our installation team today to learn more about our whole-house air filtration systems that will provide your family with better home comfort and cleaner air.


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Whole-House Humidifiers/Dehumidifiers

Controlling the humidity in your home can give better air quality to your family AND protect the structure of your home—for example, too high a humidity level can cause mold and decay, whereas too low a humidity can cause respiratory discomfort. Learn more from our experts.


Benefits of Indoor Air Quality Control Solutions in Pennsylvania

Indoor air quality control is no joke—it can make or break the comfort of your home. After heating and cooling, it’s one of our most popular services with local homeowners and residents. Here are just a few of the benefits of upgrading or installing a new indoor air quality system:

  • Better respiratory health and comfort for your family
  • Protect and safeguard your home from humidity and swelling
  • Increase the eventual resell value of your property
  • Filter out allergens, viruses, and particulates from your air