Emergency Generators

Emergency Generators for PAThere are no guarantees in life which is why an emergency generator is a safe and effective solution to keeping your home and family safe all year long. Eshenaurs has qualified technicians that can install and maintain a generator in your home, protecting your family in case of a loss of electricity or system failure—instantaneously.

With an emergency generator, you never have to worry about food spoiling in the refrigerator or pipes bursting in the cold. Since it automatically turns on when it senses the power fail, a generator will provide your house with the power necessary to fuel your most important appliances and keep your family safe.

Eshenaurs technicians will guide you through every step of the process, including a FREE quote. Our comprehensive installation process includes:

  • Calculating the correct generator for your home based on size and needs
  • Matching necessary wiring and electrical work
  • Installing the generator and ALL associated fuel piping
  • Installing a propane tank and line, if required

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Generator Maintenance Plan

Available for propane and natural gas systems

Ensure your generator is ready for the next power outage with our annual maintenance plan.

  • Annual Maintenance
  • Safety Check
  • 15% Discount on Repairs
  • Priority Service

Plan Price: $249.95 annually or $23 per month

Brands We Recommend and Install:

Running on natural gas or propane, a Generac generator provides automatic operation, 24/7 customer support, direct power to your home, and worry-free fueling.

How Does an Emergency Generator Work?

  1. Utility Power Is Lost
    Whether due to weather, a blown transistor, or any number of reasons, you suddenly have no power to your home.
  2. The Generator Senses a Problem
    In mere seconds of power loss, the generator prepares to restore power.
  3. The Generator Turns On AUTOMATICALLY
    Your generator has warmed up and restored power to your home within seconds.
  4. Electricity Is Restored
    The automatic transfer switch sends the generator’s power to your home. Power is generated from the generator until utility power returns.

Does Your Generator Need Service?

Let Eshenaurs make sure that your entire system is ready to perform when you need it most.

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