Energy Conservation

Eshenaurs and the Future

The world is an ever-changing place, and Eshenaurs wants to ensure a beautiful, clean, and healthy future for all of our future generations. Between rising costs of energy and global climate changes bringing about rising sea levels, increased storms, and unhealthy air, Eshenaurs wants to do our part to help our friends and neighbors decrease the size of their carbon footprint.

We believe that a lot of small changes can lead to big change, which is why we at Eshenaurs are specialists in home comfort services and conservation techniques. Our certified technicians are knowledgeable in ways to decrease energy uses and finding energy-efficient solutions, creating the same—if not better—comfort in your home while using less energy to do it.

How We Can Help

With our professional staff, we have an abundance of knowledge and experience with creating energy-saving techniques to create a more efficient home.


We offer propane, a clean-burning fuel recommended by many environmentalists, which is not only multifunctional but reduces the amount of greenhouse gases that are released into the atmosphere. Additionally, heating oil is a nontoxic energy source that’s safe enough to be stored inside your home.


Increasingly proficient technologies have lent to more energy-efficient equipment. Eshenaurs not only can find the best-sized equipment for your home, but we can reduce the amount of energy that is needed to heat your home by installing equipment that requires less!


The most efficient way to decrease your carbon footprint is to eliminate the need for carbon. With professionally installed geothermal equipment by Eshenaurs, your home can reduce your heating costs by up to 70%. Not only do you save money on heating and cooling costs, but you help the environment, too.


Even the most efficient equipment should be regularly maintained. The staff at Eshenaurs provides outstanding service to ensure that your equipment is performing at peak efficiency. You save 10% on energy costs every year with an annual tune-up, meaning you stay green while saving green.

Would You Like to Learn about High-Efficiency Equipment?

Regardless of whether you have a gas- or oil-fired heating system, Eshenaurs can help you find the best solution for your environmentally friendly heating and cooling goals. If you are considering upgrading your equipment, we can install any system you wish. We, of course, will help you find the perfect size, make, and model of equipment that your home needs due to size, occupancy, and personal preferences.

Some of our preferred brands include:

Propane & Gas

Heating Oil

Cooling Equipment



Commercial Equipment

If you have any questions about the right choices for you and your family’s heating and cooling needs, feel free to contact the experts at Eshenaurs. We have the information and guidance you’ve been looking for to keep your family safe and our environment clean.

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