Propane Gas Furnace Installations in PA

Looking for a heating company that you can trust to install a new gas furnace in your home? The search is over! Eshenaurs is Central Pennsylvania’s leading propane and HVAC company that offers professional installations of high-efficiency gas furnaces. New propane gas furnaces are super-efficient, are less likely to need expensive repairs, and use less gas to produce the heat you need to stay warm through the winter. Whether you are looking for a brand new furnace installation or need to replace your old furnace, we’re here to help. Contact Eshenaurs today to learn more about furnace installations.


When Should You Replace Your Gas Furnace?

If your propane heating system is 15 years or older, you should consider upgrading to a new high-efficiency model. New high-efficiency gas furnaces are safer, more efficient, and can deliver significant energy savings for years to come. If you aren’t sure if it’s time to replace your gas furnace, use this checklist to evaluate your system, if you answer yes to any or all questions, it’s likely that you need to replace your furnace.

  1. Are you experiencing consistently high heating bills?
  2. Have you noticed your furnace making strange noises or strange smells in your basement?
  3. Does it feel like parts of your home aren’t as well heated than others?
  4. Do you have to call your HVAC company for repairs a lot?
  5. Has the air in your home felt dry or dusty?


Heating Specialists in Central Pennsylvania

Here at Eshenaurs, we take pride in employing a team of highly trained and knowledgeable service technicians that are true experts in the field. Our staff can help you evaluate your existing heating system and make recommendations for a new installation. Once you’ve selected the furnace of your choice, our professional installation crew will come to your home to size and install your equipment. We never consider the job done until the customer is happy and the work site is as clean as we found it. Eshenaurs is pleased to install propane furnaces from top brands, including:

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