Quality Plumbing Repairs in Central Pennsylvania

Eshenaurs is the local, licensed PA company you can turn to for all your plumbing needs. We provide licensed plumbing repairs for clogs, leaks, and drips, along with hardware fixture replacement, household plumbing installations, drain cleaning, water pumps, and much more. Contact our Central PA plumbing department today to get a free, no-obligation quote on your next plumbing service!



Our Household Plumbing Repair Offerings Include:

24/7 Emergency Plumbing Repair Service

If you’re in an emergency situation, we have you covered with 24-hour emergency plumbing repair service. Around the clock, we have someone on call to assist you—just let us know by giving us a call right away. Phone is the fastest way to reach us, so calling us at (717) 236-5031 will get you the help you need as soon as possible.



Plumbing and Pipe Repairs for Homes in Central Pennsylvania

If you’re a homeowner in Central PA, it’s incredibly common for plumbing leaks and drips to occur at any time of year. Homes settle after they’re built, and strain can be put on piping and other structural aspects of the building. Combined with daily wear-and-tear, this can degrade or loosen piping fixtures over time, causing leaks in the construction. Repairing these leaks is an important step in ensuring your home stays safe and comfortable. Here are a few of the potential risks that come with allowing a leak to reside in your home for an extended period:

  • Permanent water damage
  • Ruined personal property
  • Rusting, wood expansion, and warping
  • Mold and bacterial growth
  • Leak could get worse quickly without warning

The best thing you can do to avoid the negative consequences of a prolonged leak in your home is to get in touch with the professional plumbers at Eshenaurs and have us take care of it! We’ll be happy to help repair any leaks your home might be experiencing. Schedule your service today, so the leaks can be handled while they’re small, manageable, and affordable.



Leaking or Clogged Toilet? Eshenaurs is Your PA Plumbing Choice

Need a toilet repair or replacement in Central Pennsylvania? Eshenaurs is your trusted local plumbing company, and we can provide for all your toilet repair needs. If you’re having issues with your toilet and would like to learn more about the option of a repair or replacement, please contact our customer service team to request more information or a free quote. Our friendly staff would love to assist you in making your home and bathrooms more functional, comfortable, and long-lasting.

Whether your toilet is leaking, cracked, loose, loud, or slow running, the plumbing technicians and mechanics at Eshenaurs are highly trained, certified, and licensed to work on your home’s toilet and plumbing system. To schedule an appointment with our team, simply click the Get a Plumbing Quote button and fill in your information. We’ll be pleased to reach out to you and set up an appointment that works well with your busy schedule.

Additionally, our techs don’t consider a job well done until you’re 100% satisfied. You’ll be kept up to date and informed about the entire toilet repair process, and if you’re not satisfied with their cleanliness and service, they’ll stay until you are! Click the button to schedule service with our plumbing team today.



Bathroom & Kitchen Faucet Repairs in Central PA

Our team of plumbers and mechanics is pleased to help you repair your sink fixtures, shower faucets, and much more. Dealing with a leaky faucet or fixture can be frustrating on your own, but don’t worry! We can fix it to help prevent sediment buildup that can degrade your hardware over time and seep into the water coming out of your sink. And if you’d rather upgrade your hardware to a new modern look or style? We’ve got that covered, too! Contact our office to set up your repair appointment, or use our website to request a free, no-obligation quote. When you’re ready, you can request service right here online, 24/7.



Why You Should Repair Your Dripping Faucet ASAP

  • Dripping water provides bottomless moisture to pipes and hardware, preventing them from ever drying out and getting fresh air. This can cause water damage and mold in your piping.
  • You’ll save money every month on your water bill by stopping the dripping or leakage. This is also an environmental benefit as more clean water is preserved.
  • The constant dripping is annoying and can make a repetitive noise in your home.
  • Increase the value and look of your home by upgrading old or worn fixtures with new, modern ones.
  • Mold in piping can leech back into the water you drink, bathe, and wash your hands, clothing, and dishes.
  • It’s easy and affordable to schedule a plumbing repair with Eshenaurs. You can do so easily right here on our website.