Why You Need an A/C Tune-Up Every Year

As spring gives way to summer, you’ve probably started shifting your focus onto all the concerns brought on by the summer heat. As a conscientious Harrisburg, Pennsylvania homeowner, you might wonder what would best prepare you and your home for the coming season’s increasing temperatures. We at Eshenaurs urge you to consider getting an A/C system tune-up as soon as possible. You’ll discover that an early A/C tune-up will strengthen your system’s capabilities, making it more resilient as the summer heat approaches. Read on to learn about the four benefits of scheduling an annual A/C system tune-up with Eshenaurs.

Four Benefits of Annual A/C System Tune-Ups in PA:

1. Improved System Efficiency:

Whether you rely on a ductless or central A/C system, the expert technicians at Eshenaurs will thoroughly inspect your equipment. From refrigerant charge checks to the lubrication of moving parts, we’ll address any issues posing a threat to your system’s operating efficiency, so your system runs at its best for the rest of the season. Rest assured that an A/C tune-up by the technicians at Eshenaurs will keep your A/C system in tip-top shape all summer long, providing you with reduced cooling costs and consistent comfort.

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2. Decreased Risk of Mid-Season Breakdowns:

When it comes to our A/C systems, we all dread nothing more than the extra costs and discomfort brought by a breakdown during the dog days of summer. Rely on the technicians at Eshenaurs to detect any warning signs long before a breakdown happens.

3. Improved Indoor Air Quality:

An annual tune-up from Eshenaurs will not only improve the functionality of your A/C system but also the quality of the air in your home. By replacing your system’s air filter at the start of the season, we’ll reduce the circulation of allergens, pollutants, and unpleasant odors. You’ll find that an early A/C tune-up from Eshenaurs will maximize your comfort—not just in terms of keeping you cool at the peak of the warm season but also by keeping your air clear of all sorts of irritants.

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4. Maximized Equipment Lifespan and Lowered Costs:

According to the US Department of Energy, A/C systems that undergo annual tune-ups can last from fifteen to twenty years. In contrast, systems that do not benefit from annual tune-ups last between ten to fifteen years. An A/C tune-up from Eshenaurs will maximize the lifespan of your system, while also saving you avoidable repair and replacement costs.

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