Choose the Best Fuel Pricing Plan for Your Home

Summer is kicking into full gear here in Central Pennsylvania which means now is the time to start thinking about your fuel budgeting options. Luckily for you, Eshenaurs understands that heating oil and propane pricing plans aren’t one-size-fits-all. To suit your unique household budget and home fueling needs, we’ve come up with 3 different pricing options to help make your fall and winter heating costs more manageable. Keep reading to learn about our distinct pricing options and how to decide which is right for you.

Why Central PA Residents Select Price Protection for Their Fuel Costs

Choosing price protection for your annual supply of heating oil adds predictability to your fuel costs and often saves you money while adding convenience. Plus, these plans will help our customers protect their wallets from unexpected changes in fuel prices by either capping their maximum heating oil price at today’s market price, allowing customers to split their payments throughout the year, or purchasing their fuel during the off-season.

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Pick a Plan that Best Suits Your Budget & Energy Needs

Rather than having your energy bills hit all at once in the two or three coldest months, pick one of our plans to help you manage your bills and find a more effective, worry-free way to provide warmth and comfort all year round. We offer three different pricing plans: a Budget Plan, a Pre-Buy Plan, and a Price Cap Plan.

1. Fuel Budget Plan

Spread your fuel payments evenly throughout the year with a budget plan from Eshenaurs. Choose this plan to evenly distribute your fuel costs throughout the year for a predictable, easy-to-manage monthly payment.

2. Ready Reserve: Pre-Buy Option

Rather than taking a gamble on winter fuel rates that almost always go up during the peak winter months, save more by purchasing your fuel during the off-season. These lower rates save you money and ensure that you have your guaranteed fuel supply all winter.

3. Price Cap Plan

Never pay more than the predetermined price per gallon. A cap price sets a ceiling, or cap, on how high your price can go. It also protects you if prices go down; anytime our daily cash price is below the ceiling, you pay the lower price.

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Enroll in a Pricing Plan with Eshenaurs Today

It pays to think ahead. Not sure which pricing plan is a good fit for you? Contact our friendly Eshenaurs team to learn more today. Need heating oil or propane delivery? Count on us! We’re here to help keep your home comfortable all year long with expert HVAC, plumbing and fuel services that you can trust. Not yet an Eshenaurs customer? Register online here.