Why You Need to Get a Heating System Tune-Up Every Year

Fall is right around the corner here in Pennsylvania, and you know that means it will soon be time to crank on your furnace or boiler to kick off the heating season. If you haven’t booked annual maintenance on your heating system yet, it’s about time! In fact, you should plan to get a tune-up every year to keep your heater in tip-top operational shape. Getting your tune-up comes with plenty of benefits:

Heating System Tune-Up Perks in PA

  • Ensure Safe and Efficient Operation:

During your annual tune-up, our highly trained service technicians will conduct a thorough safety inspection and cleaning of your equipment. This will ensure that your system is operating safely at peak performance, giving you and your family unmatched peace of mind.

  • Lower Your Risk of an Emergency:

One annual visit from an HVAC professional can significantly reduce the likelihood of costly surprise breakdowns.

  • Reduce Annual Energy Costs:

Properly maintained heating equipment will deliver a greater heat output with less fuel used, helping you save money on oil or propane even during the coldest months.

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  • Improved Indoor Air Quality:

Filter replacement and cleaning included in your tune-up will reduce the amount of common airborne allergens and pollutants that can cause asthma and allergy flare-ups.

  • Increased Equipment Lifespan:

Our experience has shown us that a yearly checkup promotes the safe and efficient operation of furnaces, boilers, and even air conditioners. Your home comfort equipment is a direct investment in your home: protect it!

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Sign Up for a Heating Service Plan

Want to get the most out of your home heating budget? Enroll in a maintenance plan, and get tons of perks and discounts to lower your annual heating expenses!

Benefits of a Heating Maintenance Plan Include:

  • Prevention of unforeseen and costly breakdown
  • Regular maintenance improves system efficiency
  • Extends lifespan of equipment
  • Relief from stressful and rigorous winter usage knowing that your system is covered
  • Discounts and coverage on assorted parts
  • Friendly, reliable priority service

Book Your Heating Tune-Up with Eshenaurs

When you’re ready for service, contact us to book your annual heating system efficiency tune-up or sign up for a service plan. Once winter arrives, you’ll be glad you did!