Energy-Saving Tips for Fall

Fall is a gorgeous season, especially in the Pennsylvania area. Eshenaurs customers can enjoy the season even more when they employ these helpful energy-saving tips, customized just for you! Continue reading to learn about how you can save energy this season, which translates directly to money in your bank account.

How to Save Money on Energy in the Fall:

Don’t Peek into That Oven

Fall is the perfect season for baking, and using your oven is a fast way to add warmth to your home! However, each time you open your oven to look inside, the temperature drops 25 degrees and the appliance has to use more energy to catch up. Instead, opt for the oven light to see if your goodies are ready.

Turn Off the Bathroom Fan

Your bathroom fan removes humidity in your home. While this may sound like a good thing, it’s actually the opposite! Humidity makes your home feel warmer, allowing you to turn down your thermostat without a reduction in comfort. Each degree you lower your thermostat can save you 2% on your energy bill.

Tune-Up That Equipment

When you schedule a tune-up with Eshenaurs, our certified technicians will visit your home and ensure that your equipment is operating at peak efficiency. They are trained to detect ways to improve the operation of your system, allowing you the same or better home comfort without additional cost. Click here to plan your fall tune-up today, and we’ll get you in the schedule!

Reduce Vampire Energy with a Power Strip

Although fall is Halloween time, you don’t want “vampire energy” lurking in your house! This is a term used to describe the energy used when devices are plugged in but not in use – that is, standby mode. This mode can use a surprising amount of power, but can be simply combated. Just plug your devices into a power strip and shut the strip off when you aren’t using the electronics. This way, you greatly reduce the amount of standby power you pay for.

Stay Warm This Season

We at Eshenaurs hope you have a beautiful and savings-filled autumn! Thank you for choosing Eshenaurs as your full-service HVAC providers. We look forward to serving you with our legendary customer service and competitive pricing for many years to come.