Be Prepared for Anything the Seasons Bring with an Emergency Generator

Maybe it’s a cold snowstorm in the middle of winter or a bad thunderstorm on a swelteringly hot summer night, or maybe the power lines are down for some other reason—there are a lot of reasons that could cause you to lose power unexpectedly at any time of the year. If you want to keep your Pennsylvania home protected and your family safe and comfortable, consider investing in an emergency generator from Eshenaurs.

Why You Should Invest in an Emergency Generator in PA

Worry Less Each Storm

You may think losing power for an hour or two is no big deal—but when time starts to go by, you’ll start to worry. When you lose power unexpectedly, there’s no way to be sure when it will come on again. Plus, there are plenty of variables to worry about, from food spoilage to how to prepare full meals for your family, from keeping rooms at a safe and comfortable temperature to keeping electronics charged, and more. With an emergency generator already installed and ready to work, your power returns in seconds so you can enjoy nearly uninterrupted comfort, safety, and peace of mind no matter the time of year.

Set It and Forget It

Nothing else matches the convenience of having an emergency generator. With an automatic standby generator installed, you’ll get a lot of benefits without worrying about setting up your generator every time. All you’ll need to do is make sure you connect it to your fuel supply, keep enough fuel, and get it serviced once a year. Benefits include:

  • Automatic backup power during outages
  • Connection to your existing propane or gas supply
  • Zero-cost maintenance until generator turns on

We Have a PA Generator Maintenance Plan

For your increased comfort and peace of mind, we have a generator maintenance plan available for propane and natural gas systems. With our annual maintenance plan, you can ensure your generator is ready for the next power outage. With our service plan, you’ll enjoy:

  • Annual Maintenance
  • Safety Check
  • 15% Discount on Parts
  • Priority Service

Find Out More Today from Eshenaurs

If you’re thinking an emergency generator sounds like a great option for your Pennsylvania home or business, contact us to learn more today. We’ll get your property up and running with a reliable source of backup power that will provide an additional layer of comfort and security.