Things to Consider When Installing a New Boiler or Furnace in PA

Home heating in Pennsylvania can be quite the expense, but having a heating company you can trust is the best way to keep your oil, propane, gas, and HVAC bills affordable. Another great step for savings is considering a furnace or boiler upgrade to help you save on oil or gas all year.

Has your furnace or boiler been going through oil, propane, or gas like crazy lately? If your heating system’s fuel efficiency is down, it may be time to consider a boiler or furnace replacement or upgrade. We’ve compiled a few things for you to keep in mind while looking around for a new heating system for your Pennsylvania home this winter.

1. If your furnace or boiler is too old, it won’t burn oil, gas, or propane as efficiently.

While you may be reluctant to invest in a new heating system, forgoing the upgrade will cost you more in the long run. High-efficiency furnaces and boilers from Eshenaur’s can save you on oil, propane, natural gas, and HVAC repairs through the duration of their lifespan. Most heating systems last around 15 years, so if your furnace or boiler is getting up there, contact us for a free consult on a replacement.

2. Start narrowing down your search based on your fuel type.

Furnaces and boilers come in all makes, models, and fuel types. You can choose a gas or heating oil furnace or boiler installation, and either one will keep your home safe and warm at an affordable price. However, it’s most common for Pennsylvania homeowners to continue using their existing fuel source. If you heat with fuel oil, choose an oil-fired heating device. If you use propane, start looking for a propane boiler or furnace installation. The same goes for natural gas—plus, if you want to make a fuel conversion, Eshenaur’s can help.

3. Hire a qualified HVAC technician to properly size your new furnace or boiler installation.

Upgrading your furnace or boiler requires an expertise that comes with being a trained HVAC technician. Our qualified service staff can find you a high-efficiency model that will support your home heating preferences and fuel budget. Besides, when you install with Eshenaur’s, you can know and trust that your new heating equipment will be expertly fitted to your home and installed based on top-notch industry standards and safety regulations.

4. Find out if you qualify for rebates.

You could save big on your new furnace or boiler by taking advantage of rebate opportunities. Contact your local energy provider to find out what rebates might be available and how you could qualify.

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