Propane Log Set FAQs

Fireplaces add a comfortable atmosphere and satisfying supplementary heat to countless homes in Pennsylvania without causing homeowners the hassle of a wood-burning fireplace. Thinking of having a propane log set installed? Contact Eshenaurs today to book your installation!
Propane Log Set

Q: What exactly is a propane log set?

A: A propane log set is a gas-burning fireplace with fake logs, which is designed to provide PA customers with supplementary heat. The fireplaces are easy to install, simple to use, affordable to run, and the perfect addition to your home. There’s nothing like coming inside during winter and snuggling up next to a crackling fire!

Q: Do log sets burn real wood?

A: No. Propane log sets simulate a real wood fireplace by running real flames behind synthetic logs, so you never have to deal with cutting or stacking real wood. Instead, just flip a switch and enjoy the same warmth and comfort you’d get from a traditional fireplace.

Q: How much do they cost to install and run?

A: Gas log sets from Eshenaurs are easy and affordable to install: they can even run on your current propane source. Operating costs will vary depending on the amount of hours you run your fireplace.

Q: What’s the average lifespan of a gas log system?

A: The durability of gas log fireplaces has increased dramatically over the years, so they last quite a while. Additionally, the upkeep of a gas log fireplace plays a major role in its lifespan. Having your gas logs inspected annually by a qualified HVAC technician prolongs the life of your system. To keep the logs looking as great as they work, pick up some soot remover spray at your local hardware store.

Q: Can I run my log set all year?

A: Yes! Propane log sets can be run effectively all year, and are perfect for supplementary heat during transitional seasons like spring and fall. However, if you’d like to save more on energy and fuel costs, turning your log set off for the summer is a good way to do so.

Q: Where can I get one?

A: Eshenaurs offers a variety of gas log sets, along with the propane needed to fuel them. You can contact us online to request more information, get a free quote, or schedule your installation today!