Why Not to Skip a Spring A/C Tune-Up

While the weather in Pennsylvania usually isn’t too brutal in the spring, by the time summer rolls around it heats up quite a bit. Use this transitional season between winter and summer to schedule your air conditioning tune-up so you’re prepared for whatever weather the summer of 2019 holds.
air conditioners outside a home

You’ll Get Caught in the Rush

If you postpone a tune-up appointment now and change your mind later, you compete with the summer rush. Booking your air conditioning maintenance before the weather heats up too much allows you your first choice of scheduling.

You’re at Risk of an A/C Breakdown

Not booking a spring tune-up puts your cooling systems at risk of larger problems. Tune-ups can catch minor issues, fixing them before they ever get to the point of needing a costly repair or complete system replacement.

You’ll Waste Money on Electricity

One of the biggest benefits of spring tune-ups is the efficiency boost: a common possibility for PA air conditioners. By improving your central or ductless air conditioner’s energy efficiency, you’ll find yourself cutting down your energy bill so you can save or spend the money elsewhere.

You Could Have an A/C Emergency

By getting your air conditioning tune-up out of the way, you’ll have plenty of time to account for any repairs that need to be made before the first heat wave. If you wait until the dead of summer, you might find yourself in a pinch to fix your air conditioning as soon as possible. Give yourself peace of mind and flexibility when it comes to your home comfort.

Your Family May Be Uncomfortable

It’s likely that spring and summer are the seasons your family is home the most. Make sure it’s a safe and comfortable place for your family to be; give everyone a place to cool down and chill out after a long day in the sun.

Early Bird Tune-Up Special

We’re offering a discount to people who schedule their tune-ups this spring. View our Spring Newsletter to learn more and see how much you can save!