Pennsylvania Spring Plumbing Must-Knows

Spring is right around the corner, and with warm weather comes the time of year that your plumbing needs the most attention. During the winter, pipes and plumbing can easily freeze. Ice in your pipes can split the seams, resulting in leakage when the ice melts. Check out the suggestions below to get an outline of how you can take care of your PA home or business’s plumbing this season.
Propane Log Set

Check for leaks

Inspect the areas underneath sinks, behind toilets, and in basements for any signs of leakage. When compounded, small leaks can cause big problems. It’s best to get them taken care of right away by a professional plumber in your area. Small leaks are often simple and inexpensive to fix, preventing them from becoming more severe and costly.

Clear out your gutters

Gutters easily fill with leaves, debris, ice, and other blockages. It’s important to clean them or have them cleaned out in the spring to prevent water backup on your roof. Excess water on your roof can lead to leaks, water damage, and other issues that are easily preventable with a simple gutter cleaning.

Clean faucets and fixtures

Sink and shower faucets can collect sedimentary buildup of the chemicals that are in our water. Cleaning them means that the buildup won’t eat away at the metal, come off on your skin, or make dishwashing less effective. Scrub off the buildup and consider a replacement if the buildup is too stubborn.

Schedule annual maintenance

Just like furnaces, boilers, and air conditioners, appliances like water pumps and heaters need annual maintenance, too. You can increase the efficiency, use less oil or propane, and reduce the risk of a future breakdown. Schedule your appointment on our website today!

Get a free estimate for an installation or upgrade

Considering a replacement or upgrade? Eshenaurs is proud to offer FREE estimates on all of our plumbing jobs. If you’re considering an upgrade, installation, or service, please don’t hesitate to contact us online. We strive for honesty and pricing transparency, because our customers deserve it. Contact us for a free plumbing quote today.