Stay Cool All Summer Long

Now that spring has arrived here in Pennsylvania, it’s time to prepare for those sweltering summer days ahead. Get ahead of the game and install your energy efficient cooling system now to enjoy ultimate comfort and serious savings all season.

Which A/C System Is Right For You?

Choosing the right cooling system for your living space is easy. Central air conditioning uses ductwork to disperse cool air evenly throughout your home, while ductless mini-split systems provide even “zoned” cooling by an unobtrusive wall mounted unit. Whatever suits your cooling needs; you can say goodbye to ineffective window units and hello to the benefits of a new A/C system!

Central AC

Benefits of a Central A/C System

  • Energy efficient
  • Fast and effective distribution of cool air keeps your entire home comfortable
  • Whisper-quiet operation
Ductless Mini-Split

Benefits of a Ductless Mini-Split

  • Zoned cooling saves you energy and money
  • Easy installation, no messy ductwork required
  • Improves indoor air quality

Protect Your Investment

Once you’ve decided to equip your home with an energy-saving cooling system, routine maintenance is essential. You can trust experienced, licensed technicians to provide efficient installation and quality service to keep your equipment operating smoothly. Save time and money from season to season with an air conditioning maintenance plan.

Benefits of an Air Conditioning Maintenance Plan

  • Annual 16-Point Tune-Up
  • Priority Service
  • 15% Discount on All Parts

Sit back, relax, and save with a new A/C system. Contact your local HVAC experts to learn more or schedule an installation today!