6 Energy-Saving Tips for Summer

After months of cold, rainy weather, everyone loves to embrace the warmth and long days that come with summer. As a homeowner in Pennsylvania, you can prepare for a comfortable season by enjoying the outdoors and making sure you have an energy-efficient house to come home to! Check out these energy-saving tips to stay cool and save money all summer long:

Cooling Maintenance Plan

1. Enroll in a Cooling Maintenance Plan.

Find the perfect Cooling Maintenance Plan for your home and budget. You can save money and time by signing up for a hassle-free program to keep your energy systems in tip-top condition. Choose the offer that’s right for you by clicking this link, and start saving energy and money today.

Cook Outside

2. Break Out That Barbeque.

Using your oven can heat up your home, competing with your air conditioner. Soak in the summer instead by using a propane grill and keeping the heat outside.

A/C Rebates

3. Enjoy an Instant Rebate and Convenient Financing.

We at Eshenaurs want your home to be as comfortable as possible. Take advantage of our customer benefits of up to a $1000 instant rebate or 0% APR for 3 years. Enjoy your summer with some extra cash in your pocket.

Use Fans

4. Use Fans to Spread the A/C Wealth.

According to gov, residents in Pennsylvania spent an average of $934 per year on home energy costs in 2012. By using a ceiling fan, you spread the air conditioning around your home and can raise your thermostat 4°F without a noticeable temperature difference. Just remember to turn your fan off when you leave the room, because fans only cool people!

Ductless A/C

5. Take Advantage of Zone Heating.

Our heat pumps may sound like a winter accessory, but they can actually help regulate your home temperature to keep certain rooms warmer than others. This allows you to keep certain areas in your home cooler, like your living room, kitchen, and bedroom.

Annual A/C Maintenance

6. Plan a Tune-Up for Your Air Conditioner.

Annual maintenance plans for your residential HVAC system can work wonders for your utility bills. A tune-up performed by a certified technician in your area will keep your home cool and comfortable while using less energy by allowing your appliance to run at maximum efficiency all summer long. Make sure to ask your technician if your filter needs to be replaced—a clean filter will allow your A/C to run smoothly without wasting energy!

Contact local experts at Eshenaurs for more energy-savings tips this summer, and make sure your A/C is running at its full capacity today!