5 Tips for Winterizing Your Home in Pennsylvania

Cold weather is coming! Since we are all spending more time at home this winter, why not spend a little extra time winterizing your home? This quick checklist from Eshenaurs will make sure your home is prepped to keep you safe and help you save energy.

Checklist for Prepping Your Home for Winter in Central PA

Tip #1: Clear your gutters.

Ice dams can cause serious damage to your gutters and your home! Make sure your gutters are clear of any lingering fall leaves or debris. You can also install gutter guards for added protection.

Tip #2: Protect your pipes.

Frozen or burst pipes are a serious safety hazard that you want to avoid at all costs. Check your pipes to see if any are at risk for freezing. Problem pipes can be protected with extra insulation, and it is important to always keep your heat at least on low to prevent freezing. You should also disconnect all outdoor hoses from their water sources to prevent freezing and expansion. Contact your local plumber for assistance winterizing your pipes.

Tip #3:  Seal leaks & drafts.

Pesky drafts and leaks can cause significant heat loss. When hot air escapes outside, you end up wasting fuel! Check windows and doors for any air leaks or drafts, and seal them up with caulk or weather stripping.

Tip #4: Prepare for snow removal.

Here in Pennsylvania, we get plenty of ice and snow. It is important to make sure your walkways and driveway are properly cleared. This is for the safety of your household and also to make sure your heating oil or propane gas delivery drivers can access your property.

Tip #5: Test your detectors.

Test your smoke detectors and carbon monoxide detectors each season. Make sure they are working properly and check to see if they need new batteries.

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