5 Crucial Winter Safety Tips for Pennsylvania Homeowners in 2020

Winter in Greater Harrisburg, Pennsylvania is nothing to joke about. We experience everything from heavy snow to freezing rain, ice, sleet, and everything in between. Fortunately, you can protect your PA home and family with these helpful winter tips from your favorite local home comfort providers at Eshenaur’s. Don’t forget that if you need a specialist, our HVAC experts are just a phone call away.

5 Winter Safety for Pennsylvania Homeowners

If you have chosen Eshenaur’s as your reliable heating oil and propane gas provider, you’ve already taken the first step toward winter safety. Here are some other simple safety measures:

Tip 1: Clear Driveways and Delivery Paths

Regularly plowing and shoveling is an important home safety step. Along with giving yourself and your guests easy access to your home, you help keep our drivers safe by keeping your driveway and necessary paths clear of snow and ice.

Tip 2: Store Your Belongings Wisely

After the holidays, our basements are often crowded with storage boxes, leftover holiday decor, and more. Keep anything flammable (like clothing and cardboard) far away from your furnace, boiler, and fuel storage tank.

Tip 3: Get HVAC Maintenance Coverage

Signing up for a maintenance plan with Eshenaur’s is a simple way to protect your heating system and your wallet when it comes to the winter chill in PA. We provide a variety of coverage options to suit your comfort level and budget. Our HVAC service agreements include an annual heating system tune-up to promote safe, efficient system operation, along with other valuable discounts and perks.

Tip 4: Install Carbon Monoxide Detectors in Your Home

While our fuels are safe, the burning process can pose the risk for rare carbon monoxide leaks. CO has no color, scent, or taste, so it is important to install detectors in your home to notify you in the rare case a leak occurs.

Tip 5: Keep Your Fuel Storage Tank Full

Whether you use fuel oil, propane, or both, running out of fuel can cause permanent damage to your home heating system. Along with the discomfort and stress of a no-heat situation, you also run the risk of frozen and bursting pipes and plumbing. You can avoid the hassle of constantly monitoring your oil or LPG tank by signing up for automatic delivery. It’s a free service that will free you up to worry about more important things.

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