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Pricing Plan FAQs

As the summer months rage on here in Central Pennsylvania, purchasing home heating fuel may not be top of mind. But we’re here to explain exactly why it should be. If you primarily use oil for home heating, buying fuel as needed throughout the winter months can make for unpredictable budgeting, unnecessary hassle, and overpayment […]

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Home Comfort Solutions & Services in Central Pennsylvania

All year long, homeowners want a home comfort company they can rely on for services from heating maintenance and A/C cooling to air quality, from fuel delivery to residential and commercial plumbing. Finding a company that does everything, especially at a reliable and affordable cost in Central Pennsylvania, isn’t exactly easy—but at Eshenaurs, we do […]

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What Is the Difference between Heating Oil and Propane Gas?

With Pennsylvania’s climate, homeowners and business owners alike need a reliable source of fuel to power their heat and hot water appliances. Propane gas and heating oil are the two top choices for energy around here because of their powerful nature, abundant supply, and affordable pricing. So what are the real differences between these two […]

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