Pricing Programs Make Managing Fuel Costs Super Simple

It’s finally starting to feel like spring! As the weathers starts to warm up in Central Pennsylvania, heating fuel is probably the last thing on your mind. But don’t forget about it just yet! Eshenaurs offers several pricing programs to help make managing your heating bills simpler. Pricing program enrollment starts in the spring so that you can lock in your heating oil or propane price for the upcoming fall and winter.

Read on to learn more about each pricing program and to decide which is best for your family’s budgeting needs. 

Your Questions About Fuel Pricing Programs Answered

Q: When do pricing programs start?

A: Enrollment for pricing programs starts in the spring. 

Q: Are there pricing programs for heating oil and propane?

A: Yes. Eshenaurs is pleased to offer pricing programs for both heating oil and propane. 

Q: Which type of pricing program is best for me?

A: We understand that every household has unique spending goals, which is why we offer several pricing programs to choose from:

  • Price Cap Plan
    Lock in your fuel price for the upcoming heating season. With this plan, we’ll set a cap on your fuel price. You’ll never pay more than this set price, even if the market changes. If the market drops below your cap price, you will pay the lower amount.
  • Pre-Buy Plan
    Want to check your heating costs off your to-do list in one step? You can purchase your heating oil or propane in advance and we will save your gallons for you, making and make deliveries as needed. You can save big with low fuel prices and skip stressing about paying for fuel in the winter.
  • Budget Plan
    You pay a consistent monthly bill for your smartphone, your car, and your insurance, why not your heating fuel? When you sign up for a budget plan, you pay the same amount every month by spreading your annual heating fuel costs into even payments over an 11-month period.

Q: How do I sign up for a fuel pricing program?

A: Signing up is simple! Contact Eshenaurs to enroll in a Price Cap Plan, Pre-Buy Plan, or Budget Plan to make managing your heating oil or propane gas costs simple. Contact us online or call (717) 236-5031 today.