Save Money with an A/C Maintenance Plan

Summers in Pennsylvania can get hot, so you depend on your air conditioning system for cooling comfort throughout the warmer months. At Eshenaurs, we understand that staying comfortable year-round is a priority for you and your family, and it’s a priority for us to help you stay comfortable at an affordable cost. Continue reading this blog post from Eshenaurs to learn how you can save some money with an air conditioning maintenance plan.

Keep Comfortable Affordably with A/C Maintenance Plan

One of the easiest ways to stay comfortable without breaking the bank is to enroll in an Eshenaurs’ A/C service plan. By enrolling in an air conditioning service plan, you’ll have opportunities to save in all kinds of ways. Keep on reading to learn how you can save with a cooling system service plan this season.

Benefits of an A/C Maintenance Plan for PA Homes:

  • Reduced Risk of Unexpected Breakdowns:

Nothing is worse than unexpectedly having your A/C break down on one of the hottest days of summer. With the service you get from a plan, you’ll benefit from a reduced risk of mid-season breakdowns. Our A/C maintenance plan includes an air conditioning system tune-up, so we can keep your system running smoothly all summer long.

  • 15% Discount on Parts:

If your A/C system happens to break down, you can rest easy knowing that you’ll receive a discount on parts needed for repair.

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  • Improved System Operating Efficiency:

With an annual tune-up every year, we can guarantee that your system will operate at peak efficiency, which means your power bills will be significantly lower.

  • Longer Equipment Lifespan:

Regular service means that your A/C will stay in good condition. Your equipment will have a complete lifespan when it stays in tip-top shape, so you’ll likely not need to spend on a new system anytime soon.

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Enroll in an A/C Service Plan with Eshenaurs

Let summer be your season of saving by enrolling in a service plan with Eshenaurs. You’ll enjoy priority A/C services from a team of highly trained and experienced technicians who prioritize customer service. We strive to provide exceptional workmanship and exceed your expectations with every job we do. This means that we never leave a job until we know you are completely satisfied with our work. Whenever you’re ready to sign up for an A/C service plan this summer, simply get in touch with us.