Spread Out Your Fuel Plan

Are you tired of unpredictable fuel bills? Spread your fuel payments evenly throughout the year with a budget plan that makes your bills predictable. A budget plan is a hassle-free alternative to your previous payment option and gives you room to enjoy each season rather than dread heating costs associated with cold weather. You won’t have to fear your thermostat anymore and worry how to pay two or three months of high heating prices with a budget plan that covers the cost evenly throughout the year.

11-Month Budget Plan

How It Works

Have peace of mind with a budget plan that won’t leave a dent in your bank account. Here’s how we find your fuel cost for your budget plan:

  • Based on past fuel use, we estimate your future use.
  • Calculation is also based on your home preferences aligned with seasonal trends.
  • We then take the total amount of fuel, divide it by 11 months, and use this number as your monthly fuel payment for the year.

How You Benefit

A budget plan is a great way to save money, time, and energy:

  • Know exactly what you’re paying each month.
  • Budget for any other household bills with ease.
  • Opt for spreading instead of bundling your payments.


How You Can Enroll Today

Don’t hesitate to spread your fuel payments by choosing our 11-month budget plan from our payment plan options. Sign up to ease the stress of fuel costs with automatic debit/credit card payments to make it even simpler! The weather may be unpredictable, but paying for your heating comfort doesn’t have to be.

Learn more about the benefits of an Eshenaurs budget plan and how you can get started today by contacting us online or at (717)-236-5031.