Pennsylvania Energy Savings Tips for the Fall Season

It’s no wonder fall is the favorite season of many residents of Pennsylvania. The beautiful autumn leaves, crisp fall air, and rich flavors of the season make it stand out between the summer heat and winter chill. But there is one unpopular element to fall—the stereotype of high home heating costs.

Fortunately, Eshenaurs is here to help you reduce the financial and emotional stress that many people attribute to the season. If you’re our customer, you’ve already chosen the most affordable and reliable home heating provider in town—keep reading to learn some energy-saving tips that are sure to help you reduce your PA heating costs. Then get back to enjoying sweater weather, apple cider, and pumpkin pie!

Fall Energy Savings Tips

Seasonal Energy and Money-Saving Tips:


  1. Sign up for a propane or heating oil delivery pricing plan. Don’t let winter bills get you down! Instead, enroll in a fuel oil or LPG pricing plan today so you can have the freedom of customized heating fuel payments. We offer a budget plan, a pre-buy option, and a price cap plan (all compatible with both oil & propane!) to keep your heating finances more manageable.


  1. Bundle up and keep your thermostat below 70. In fact, 68°F is an even better goal for home comfort to keep your heating bills at bay. You’ll conserve your heating oil or propane usage along with getting to enjoy the warm embrace of your favorite sweater or slippers!


  1. Install an emergency backup generator. Fall and winter pose the risk of power outages, causing freezing pipes and permanent damage to your home. Contact our energy experts to get a professional recommendation on an emergency generator that will fit your PA home and lifestyle. Just one or two uses can repay your initial investment! Plus, learn more about our financing options


  1. Schedule an annual heating tune-up or high-efficiency upgrade. Did you know you can save up to 30% annually by properly maintaining your high-efficiency heating oil or propane furnace or boiler? That’s right: old furnaces and boilers burn oil and propane less efficiently, costing you more (not to mention the additional HVAC repairs or emergency heating service you risk needing). Schedule an efficiency tune-up or get a quote on a heating system upgrade right here on our website.

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