Fall 2019


Dear Valued Customer,

As another winter quickly approaches our Pennsylvania homes and businesses, we’d like to extend a reminder that our team is here for you throughout the seasons. We offer 24/7 service to give you the peace of mind you deserve. You can call us at any time, and we’ll send a technician to your home or business.

Whether you’re in need of heating services, an emergency generator, plumbing assistance, oil or propane delivery, or other home comfort care, we have the staff and the expertise needed to get the job done. You can request service online at any time, or give us a call to schedule an appointment.

Thank you for trusting your local experts at Eshenaurs with your total comfort services. It is our pleasure to provide warmth, safety, and comfort to you and your home or business, and we look forward to continuing to exceed your expectations for years to come.

Warm regards,

Craig Eshenaur


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Boost Efficiency with a Heating Upgrade

Did you know that upgrading your furnace or boiler in the fall will help you save on fuel and repairs all winter long? Besides, scheduling your installation during the fall will give you leeway before you need to turn your heat on for the year. Below are a few signs that you could save money with a heating system upgrade. Don’t forget to contact us when you’re ready to book your installation!


1. Uneven Heating. Poor distribution of warm air throughout your home is a sign your heater is on its last legs.
2. Strange Sounds or Smells. Inefficient equipment will often produce warning sounds or foreign scents.
3. Higher Energy Bills. Schedule an upgrade if your heating bills have gone up over the years.
4. Stale or Dusty Air. Old systems don’t filter air particulates as well, reducing your home’s indoor air quality.
5. More Repairs. Are the repairs on your heating system becoming more frequent?
6. Retirement Age. Upgrade if your heat pump is older than 10, or your furnace or boiler is older than 15.

Total Propane Heating Care

Propane is an affordable, versatile fuel that’s more than abundant in the United States—it’s no wonder it’s such a popular choice for Pennsylvania homes and businesses. We offer propane equipment and service to keep your Pennsylvania home or business safe and warm. Check out the products and services we offer:

  • Propane Delivery: Automatic or Will-Call
  • High-Efficiency Furnace & Boiler Installations
  • Propane-Powered Emergency Generators
  • Heating System & Generator Service Plans
  • Pricing Plans & Equipment Financing
  • 24/7 Emergency Heating Service
To request a free quote or propane service, please reach out! We can’t wait to provide you with the services and delivery of the most versatile fuel in our area.

American Standard is currently offering 0% APR for 60 months and rebates up to $500 on heating & cooling equipment.

Oil Heat vs. Natural Gas: What’s the difference?

Many Pennsylvania customers wonder between the difference of oil heat and natural gas. We’re here to do some myth-busting and give you the facts. Check out the chart below to learn the difference between both fuel choices, and know that no matter what you choose, Eshenaurs can support you with expert service and quality customer care.

Oil Heat vs. Natural Gas: What’s the difference?

What You Need to Know about Oil Fill & Vent Pipes


If you want to keep your home safe, keep reading. It is extremely important that your oil tank’s fill and vent systems are maintained correctly, as advancements in technology have increased the rate at which fuel flows from our delivery trucks to your tank. Flow now exceeds 60 gallons per minute. If your tank’s fill and vent system is not maintained correctly, you could have an accidental oil release due to over-pressurization or over-filling. Our interest is to provide you with our professional advice, which is why we suggest that you consider making this critical upgrade. To learn more or schedule a safety inspection, please give us a call.

Oil Fill & Vent Pipes



We are committed to our oil and propane deliveries, and our drivers will be working through all sorts of inclement weather to get your home or business the fuel you need. If you have a delivery coming up, please help keep our drivers safe by shoveling a path to your fuel tank’s fill pipe. This will help us make on-time fuel deliveries to your home or business, even when the weather tries to get in our way.

Thank you!


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