Spring 2021


Dear Valued Customer,

Another winter has come and gone, and we are welcoming the spring season with open arms. This past winter has arguably been the most challenging one in recent history, what with pandemic restrictions and social distancing keeping many Pennsylvania families cooped up in their homes and missing their family and friends.

With this in mind, we at Eshenaurs would like to extend a sincere thank you to both our valued customers, who have trusted us with their home comfort, and health care workers, first responders, and essential workers who have kept Pennsylvania running this year. Your sacrifices are greatly appreciated and will be remembered for years to come.

As days become longer and weather warmer, it’s important to keep an eye on your HVAC equipment to ensure its ability to keep you and your family protected while you spend more time at home. It’s a great time to sign up for our maintenance plans, which can provide you with a variety of benefits for one low annual cost (more details inside!). It’s also not a bad idea to start considering a pricing plan, which allows you to pre-buy or budget your fuel payments for the upcoming year.

Finally, we’d like to remind you about the variety of uses of propane gas in the summer. It’s not just used for heating—you can also power re pits, pool heaters, barbecue grills, patio heaters, and backup generators. Get in touch if you’d like to place a propane order for your summer living needs.

As always, if we can assist you in any way, don’t hesitate to get in touch. We always strive to make your life and home as comfortable as possible.

W.C. Eshenaur & Son

Stay Safe and Comfortable at a Predictable Price!

Did you know that Eshenaurs offers maintenance plans that can help make your home comfort investments go the distance? Our comprehensive maintenance agreements include the following perks to help protect your heating and cooling equipment:

  • Guaranteed service when you need it
  • Discounts on parts & labor
  • Annual cleaning & tune-up
  • Peace of mind with automatic fuel delivery

Contact Eshenaur’s customer service team today to learn more and enroll in our comprehensive maintenance plans!

Peace Of Mind At Home

Have You Completed
This Important Annual To-Do?

If you’re not enrolled in a cooling maintenance plan (which includes your annual HVAC cleaning), you may not think about your yearly air conditioning tune-up. Your home comfort this summer depends on this essential to-do, so be sure to give us a call and request an appointment.

  • Catch problems before the heat of summer
  • Boost efficiency to reduce electric bills & repair costs
  • Make sure your A/C system is operating safely
  • Give your family a comfortable place to relax this summer

All our appointments are conducted with proper PPE and social distancing, so you can feel safe and comfortable inside your home, even while our techs are there to perform your A/C service.

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Don’t Spend All Your $$$ on Heating Fuel

Customize your fuel oil or propane bills with a pricing plan from Eshenaurs:

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Budget Plan

You pay for your housing, phone, and streaming services on a monthly basis—why not your home heating fuel? Whether you use oil or propane, you can sign up for our budget plan which divides your annual fuel bills into 11 low monthly payments.

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Ready Reserve (Pre-Buy)

Get your heating fuel costs out of the way early with our pre-buy plan, which allows you to get a discounted rate by purchasing your fuel for the season ahead of time. We’ll store it for you and make deliveries as needed
throughout the year.

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Price Cap Plan

There’s no losing out with our price-cap option! Set a predetermined price per gallon and never pay more than you’re comfortable with. You even get the lower price if fuel prices were to drop below your price cap.

Save on Your 2021 A/C Tune-Up

Your air conditioner has been off duty since last fall. Revive it gently with a tune-up, designed toboost its energy efficiency and help it run smoothly all year.

AC Tune-Up Coupon

summer propane pool heater

Propane Gas Supports
Summer fun

Summer in Pennsylvania isn’t complete without fun outdoor activities! With propane gas, you don’t even have to leave the comfort of your property to enjoy the fun the season has to offer. Propane can be used for…

  • Pool heating
  • Barbecue grills
  • Fire pits
  • Patio heaters
  • Outdoor lighting
  • Hot tub warmth
  • Outdoor kitchens
  • And more!

Eshenaurs can also help with cleaning and maintaining your propane gas storage container. Please get in touch if you are interested in our assistance.



Protect your home and family with the installation of an Air Scrubber from Aerus. This technology, installed within your HVAC system, rids air and surfaces in your home of harmful chemicals, allergens, and particulates. Use this coupon to save on your installation this season!Benefits of an installation include:

  • Cleaner indoor air and surfaces
  • Reduced respiratory discomfort
  • Increased future property resell value
  • $100 off from Eshenaurs!

Contact us to schedule your installation this spring or summer and take advantage of this limited-time discount

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